Don’t give up before you start.

I told my son he had a defeatist attitude. Even before he started a project,he was already complaining about hard it was going to be, and he would never get it done. He was working on his senior project, and he opened up the packet. He said it looked impossible to complete, and kept staring at the paperwork. I tried to show him how to separate the different papers to make it into several smaller projects, but he yelled he couldn’t do it and went to his bedroom. The paperwork was still sitting on the dining room table. After graduation, he said he wanted to go to HVAC school. He got all the paperwork, and asked if I knew everything that was involved in HVAC. Of course I knew what was involved in HVAC. I was an HVAC technician, and I had gone through the classes. I told him I would help him in any way possible, but he shook his head. He asked if I also had to take certification classes and pass the test. I explained there were two HVAC classes, which was prep for the HVAC certification exam. You would think it was created just to make him angry. After listening to him whine for about an hour, I took the paperwork and threw it in the trash. His mouth dropped open and he stared at me like I had grown a third eye. He wanted to know what I was doing. I told him he couldn’t give up on HVAC before he started, so I was taking the choice out of his hands. If he was too lazy to work, then he could move out, but I was tired of his idiotic attitude. Two weeks later, he started HVAC school.

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