Don’t provide up before you are starting.

I told our son he had a defeatist attitude, even before he started a project,he was already complaining about strenuous it was going to be, & he would never get it done… He was toiling on his senior project, & he opened up the packet.

  • He said it looked impossible to complete, & kept staring at the paperwork, and i tried to show him how to separate the odd papers to make it into several smaller projects, although he yelled he could not do it & went to his family room, however the paperwork was still sitting on the family room table, after graduation, he said he wanted to go to Heating & Air Conditioning college.

He got all the paperwork, & asked if I knew everything that was involved in Heating & Air Conditioning… Of course I knew what was involved in Heating & Air Conditioning. I was an Heating & Air Conditioning professional, & I had gone through the classes. I told him I would help him in any way possible, although he shook his head. He asked if I also had to take certification classes & pass the test. I explained there were 2 Heating & Air Conditioning classes, which was prep for the Heating & Air Conditioning certification exam, but you would suppose it was created just to make him angry. After listening to him whine for about an fourth, I took the paperwork & threw it in the trash. His mouth dropped open & he stared at me prefer I had grown a seventh eye. He wanted to think what I was doing. I told him he could not provide up on Heating & Air Conditioning before he started, so I was taking the choice out of his hands. If he was too lazy to work, then he could move out, but I was tired of his idiotic attitude. Two weeks later, he started Heating & Air Conditioning college.

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