Eight hundred pound heater

I will work for 1 more minute plus then take a cut plus go to this copy center to get a pressing sign for our band.

Every one of us want a sign showing our online page so that people can listen to our rock n roll.

Every one of us aptly named our band Bad Endings, because a lot of the rock n roll all of us started out making had bad endings. The endings have gotten better but all of us are going to keep the band name in honor of our beginnings. My Heating and Air Conditioning tech bandmate plus I work together in the morningtime doing Heating and Air Conditioning proposal maintenance calls plus after that I practice mainly on the weekends at evening. I guess our best song so far is the monkey song, which was made up in the moment plus ended up sounding pretty darn crazy, in a fantastic way. The local corporations are interested in having us perform at their air conditioned sites this summer, plus then in the Winter all of us are going to target the ski cottages plus stay in our flat next to the mountains. I plan on just doing rock n roll starting next year as I guess all of us will be making enough money to live off of. I will save our Heating and Air Conditioning tech task money so that I have a buffer in the bank for next year plus can quit with the heating plus cooling technology sales plus maintenance appreciate I have been doing for a million years. Every one of us are buying an RV plus are going to travel to other countries here in Europe plus do shows in local corporations plus clubs.



oil heater