Enjoying the amazing cool night air

If there is ever something that I have consistently loved doing it’s just sitting out and enjoying the night here. I can remember when I was a kid my siblings and I used to go and have campouts and our parents’ backyard. My friend and I would get a little tent that my friend and I would put in the backyard and sleep out under the stars. It was such an appealing experience, periodically my friend and I would sleep inside the tent other times my friend and I would drag her sleeping bags out into the sod and just fall asleep watching the night sky. Sometimes I wish I could just have that feeling back again, those times just seem so innocent, and so peaceful and now everything feels like the world is falling apart. However I’m not going to continue to look at things this way because I’m choosing to look at the positive. I have adolescents of my own now and an appealing wife that I love more than life itself. With these memories flooding back to me out of nowhere, I decided to honor them by sleeping outside like I did back in the old afternoons. My wife and I and our adolescents decided to have a little camp out and I decided to share the tradition with them. At first the adolescents were resistant; they couldn’t imagine getting outside into the cool fresh Air instead of the appealing a/c from inside. I promise to them that the outdoor air is a million times better than the a/c, even though the a/c is appealing and it’s especially appealing because it’s a warm Summer afternoon. They did not believe me until I showed them. It was something that they had to experience for themselves however after they had stayed outside for a little while they began to care about the cool fresh air better than the air conditioner inside the house, like I said no heat towards my a/c I absolutely love my central A/C unit, however tonight I’m simply staying outside for a while.

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