Feeling the nice central air conditioning when buying a phone

It is time, my cell phone is done.

I guess that’s what happens when you become careless about something.

I definitely should’ve taken better care of my cell phone though. It has everything on there and I can’t even see the screen to call or text anyone. I know it’s on and I can answer it because I mentally know where the button is to answer someone’s call even though I can’t see it. So as I walked into the store to get a new cell phone, I felt that fresh, cool central air conditioning in the building. It feels amazing. My car’s air conditioning has been broken before I bought the car. I guess that’s what you get for buying a vehicle from a private seller. Regardless, I am enjoying this feeling in the store. At home, I have a smart thermostat so I can control that from, well not this cell phone obviously. I think I didn’t turn on the air conditioning before I left so after I get my new cell phone I’ll have to make sure I install the app to turn on the air conditioning at home before I get there. At the store there are like 10 people waiting, this is going to be a long morning. I guess the one thing I do have is time and I can wander around deciding which cell phone I like to buy next. It has to be a smartphone that’s all I know. I need that type of phone for work and other things other than controlling the smart thermostat at home but also don’t want to spend a lot of money. I guess it’s time to be patient.


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