Finally getting relief after a blast of heat

The afternoons are getting shorter & the evenings are getting colder.

That’s just good with me.

This last Summer brought with it an uncharacteristic heat wave for our area. I had never gotten so much use out of our a/c method before. Most of the time in the summer, our lake house is completely comfortable with nothing more than ceiling fans running, if that. In fact, I could usually keep our temperature control at 70° during the day, & it would stay there without the a/c kicking in honestly often at all. That was not the case over this past summer. My temperature control would climb to 78° if I left the cooling system off! Now though, I could finally set our sights on the fall & wintertime. I may not use our heating method throughout most of the fall months depending on how frigid it gets. I like it when our lake house gets down into the ’60s. It feels attractive. If it gets too cold, more often than not, I shall simply slip on an extra layer or put some slippers on that are a little bit thicker & cozier. And of course, there’s nothing quite appreciate having a nice cool lake house when it’s time to go to sleep! There’s nothing that helps me sleep better than a truly cool room. That’s why I’m so excited that the colder seasons are on the way. I do not do well in the heat, so it’s time to get back & relax in the cool.


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