Finally getting relief after so much heat

The afternoons are getting shorter and the days are getting colder.

That’s just relaxing with me.

This last Summer brought with it an uncharacteristic heat wave for our area. I had never gotten so much use out of my air conditioner system before, however most of the time in the summer, my condo is completely comfortable with nothing more than ceiling fans running, if that. In fact, I could usually keep my thermostat at 72° while in the afternoon, and it would stay there without the air conditioning kicking in really often at all. That was not the case over this past summer. My thermostat would climb to 71° if I left the air conditioner system off! Now though, I could finally set my sights on the fall and wintertime. I may not use my gas furnace throughout most of the fall months depending on how chilly it gets. I care about it when my condo gets down into the ’60s. It feels charming. If it gets too cold, more often than not, I’ll simply slip on an extra layer or put some slippers on that are a little bit thicker and cozier. And of course, there is nothing quite care about having a nice cool condo when it’s time to go to sleep! There’s nothing that helps me sleep better than a genuinely cool room. That’s why I am so glad that the colder seasons are on the way. I don’t do well in the heat, so it’s time to get back and relax in the cool.
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