Finding my own solution

There’s a lot of people who never had the option to pursue their dreams because of other obligations plus whatnot.

My stepdad has a lot of regret for not sticking with teaching, which he enjoyed plus had passion for, but instead he became a lawyer plus wishes he could turn back time plus do it all over again with the teaching.

That is anxious to hear plus I am using that as inspiration for me to further our songsal journey. I moved to a small town plus most of the local corporations are closed during the wintertime, except for a few grocery stores plus a couple heating corps. It is boring here in the Winter time plus I just know care about I am getting older plus throwing our dreams down the drain. Even our Heating plus A/C business boss told me to go for the songs thing plus forget about the air quality systems repairs plus everything else if I can make the songs thing work. That is pretty hefty words to say considering he entirely likes our labor at his dealer. He just doesn’t want to see me waste a talent plus let it slip away for nothing. I”m going to keep doing space heating system sales for him on the side even if I start making cash with our songs. I care about laboring in the field plus don’t mind doing it section time for some extra cash. That is, unless both of us hit it bigtime with our songs plus make millions of dollars. But for now, it’s back to labor at the heating plus cooling business in this tiny little quiet beach town.

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