Finding that warm HVAC was the best part of finding that remote exit

I think there are times where we just take for granted that things will just alway work out the way they always do. We’ll get up, head off to the zone controlled HVAC of some office and have a day like the thousands before. Yet, life is not always as controllable and manageable as we like to believe it is. That’s particularly true when Mother Nature is involved. I’ve seen up close how the beauty of nature is only equaled by its sheer nonchalance when it comes to us. The raw power of nature can be so overwhelming that having witnessed it recently, I was never more glad to find the HVAC heating of a tiny motel. My wife and I live in a region where the winter hardly requires much from the heat pump. It’s there and the heat pump sure comes in handy when there is a cold snap. But the primary function of that piece of HVAC equipment is cooling the house with the comfort of central air conditioning. But each Christmas we trek north a few days to celebrate the season with my in laws. They live where you need a serious gas furnace for heating. Anyway my wife and I decided to take the scenic route home and got caught in a massive snowstorm. We had the heating blasting inside the SUV and I was suddenly grateful for the all wheel drive option we chose. Still, we were crawling along this remote stretch of state highway. Finally, we came across an exit that had this motel. It wasn’t much to look at but it was clean and had some serious HVAC equipment that pumped out the heating. I was so thankful for that.

Electric heating system