First time learning about smart thermostats

It was a slow day at the office, and our colleague focusing all his attention on the iPhone was nothing strange.

After a while, I noticed that he was still on his iPhone, which was odd since she was not the type of person to be glued to her iPhone for so long.

I started teasing her, asking if she had joined a dating site… She surprised me by saying she was learning to remotely reset her new digital thermostat. She had recently installed a new temperature control component in her home, and according to what she told me, she was honestly ecstatic with it. The a/c supplier that had done the installation was where her wifey works as an cooling system repairman. On the other hand, I still had a/c install from the previous century! Even with cooling system care and yearly cooling system service, it was still threatening to quit. I was curious to see what she was talking about. She showed me the application on her iPhone where she could not only change the temperature settings. She could even switch off her cooling system seated on her desk. I was honestly impressed by the technology and even started thinking about increasing our central cooling system. The most I had done was consistently change the a/c filter. The rest of the cooling system setup had seen better afternoons. If the a/c supplier depended on buyers like me, they would have gone bankrupt by now. Their only saving grace would be that such old systems required an a/c professional for official cooling system repair. All of us spent the next half hour going through the many available settings courtesy of her competent regulator.



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