Forgetting to fix the digital thermostat

I had been so tied up the whole day I barely had time to look at our iPhone.

When I looked at our iPhone at around more than seven in the evening, I found several missed calls from our son.

I instantly called him back. He told me our temperature control plan was broken because the condo was cold. The evenings were starting to get colder. That is when it hit me that I must have missed the alarm to readjust the temperature settings on the digital thermostat. I usually changed the settings when nobody was at new home to save energy. He had even called the local a/c supplier asking for an cooling system repairman to find out what was wrong with the cooling system setup. I told him there was no need for cooling system service and explained what was happening with the cooling system. It was about time I taught him basic things about the central cooling system and how to reset the regulator. I realized that he was already twelve and did not think much about the a/c install, and since it was just him and me in our house, it was paramount that he l gained basic things such as replacing the a/c filter. The other stuff, such as the cooling system service, could be left for the a/c professional. As for cooling system care, the people I was with and I would play our area in it because only some things about the HVAC plan were up to the a/c supplier. That evening after dinner, I provided him a simplified version of what he needed to know, and from then on, he was more keen and observant.


a/c worker