Gaping Holes in Ductwork

I had been feeling like something was wrong with my AC system for some time.

It started when the rooms in my house were all cooling to different degrees. My primary bedroom was getting cool without issues, but my guest bedroom was hardly getting any airflow through the air vents. I tried adjusting the settings on my thermostat, but nothing ever changed this. I hesitated to call the HVAC company because I didn’t know if I was overthinking things. As it turns out, I should have called the HVAC company much sooner though because something was terribly wrong. When an HVAC professional examined my HVAC system, he made a shocking discovery. My ductwork was in terrible shape. There were gaping holes in multiple spots and all the HVAC treated air was escaping before it could get through the air vents. Some areas of the ductwork were worse than others, which was why there was a temperature difference in the rooms. Normally, HVAC professionals would patch small holes, but these were too large and too frequent. The HVAC professional told me that the only solution was to replace the ductwork completely. Until then, I was basically throwing away money every time I ran my air. It was an expensive fix that I didn’t plan for but it was necessary. I’m glad I found the holes in the ductwork when I did before things got too much worse, but I do wish I would have known sooner. If I knew when they were smaller, I could have prevented it from getting out of hand.
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