Get into a daily workout gradually

I have a number of health tips because I have been involved in sports and fitness for nearly thirty years.

I was into wrestling as a young boy.

My father was a wrestler. He signed me up for a youth program when I was five years old. I started competing by the time I turned 7. I won the majority of my matches but eventually decided the sport wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the one-on-one competition of the sport. I searched around for something else and decided to try baseball. Since then, I have joined all sorts of different sports. I finally found volleyball at age 25 and loved it. I started practicing yoga stretches to loosen up my hips, shoulders and back. I’ve found that the ideal way to get started with a daily regime is to begin slowly. Do a short session that doesn’t overly stress the muscles for around 30 minutes. Make sure to work both left and right arms and legs equally. Continue each day the same way for a week. After a week, increase the demands of the workout just slightly. Change things up and add new exercises. Be sure to target the whole body. Include strength training, stretching, balance exercises and cardio. Using equipment is a great way to keep things interesting while also pushing yourself a bit further. I like to use a jump rope, free weights, resistance bands, incline bench and a mini trampoline. I have also invested into a treadmill and stationary bike. I have a gym membership that opens up a whole new world of exercise machines and group classes.


Personal Fitness Trainer