Getting quality AC service to make the housing market ready

We bought the house when we married but knew we would not stay there for long.

Until the previous summer, we had not been serious about relocating to another state.

After meeting with our realtor, we started working on renovating the house so that when we finally put it on the market. With the renovation, it would sell faster and at a fair price. One of the things we needed to do was ensure that the HVAC system was functioning optimally. To help us out would be the air conditioning technician who had been providing our home with quality AC services since we moved in. A conversation with the air conditioning professional revealed how much the heating industry had changed. Technology was now very advanced and still evolving. We scheduled the maintenance with the same air conditioning company for the following week. As we were renovating the house, we would still be occupying it until we finally agreed on an offer. Meanwhile, we were still looking for a place in the other state with the help of a good realtor my sister recommended. Fortunately, our a/c setup did not need a lot of complicated repairs as we had maintained its function with regular checkups and tune-ups. The digital thermostat was okay, but the AC filter would need replacing in a fortnight or so, but that would be up to the new owners. They might decide to use a HEPA filter instead. The cooling expert said our system only required a redo of the duct sealing as parts of the ductwork had come undone. On the other side, the relator had found a house with an electric heat pump, and according to her, the air quality was superb. The relator had called a commercial air conditioning dealer to inspect the unit, and everything was move-in-ready.

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