Getting regular tune-ups on my HVAC system

Something that is seriously important is to keep up with your proper heating and A/C repair and tune-ups; however, if you are wondering what is involved with an actual heating and A/C tune-up, that’s what every one of us will be going over! With your furnace, the burners have to be taken care of carefully and cleaned! The air filters must be changed however usually the homeowner is good about doing this, then carbon monoxide levels will be taken care of as a carbon monoxide leak is seriously dangerous, and various parts inside the heating and A/C will be taken care of for wear and replaced if necessary.

The heating and A/C professional will check the emergency shut offs to make sure they are entirely working just fine.

The drain line and trap will be cleaned and the safety devices and controls will be looked over. The ductwork will also be taken care of and taken care of for typical air flow and pressure. The relays and companies must be looked over as well. The heat exchanger must be looked over as this is the component that makes sure no carbon monoxide is escaping into your breathing air. If it is discovered that there is a crack in the heat exchanger, generally you will need to replace the entire oil furnace unit. When looking at the heating and A/C component and cleaning everything out, the electrical connections will be tightened also. With the air conditioning system, the blower will be taken care of along with the belts. The fin coils will be taken care of and straightened if necessary! Moving parts will also be lubricated. Coil cleaning will be provided and controls will be taken care of carefully. These tune-ups should happen once per method quarterly.


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