Getting up to find that the boiler is totally broken

Sunday’s could be fun, don’t you agree? Actually, you don’t have to agree but today is Sunday after all.

This means that I have to go to work.

This morning I awoke to a cold home and wondered why my roommate had not turned on the dial temperature control to the official 72 degrees. He wakes about an hour or so before I do because he knows I like the home warmer in the morning. My superb friend and I both like it cool at night, it genuinely helps us sleep better even though I need that heat to get up in the morning. He easily forgot because my associate and I were both up so late playing video games last night. I commanded him to go to bed so my associate and I just continued tonight but he was so addicted to the storyline. Regardless, I must be ok being a little cold with how the place feels right now. The dial temperature control shows a setting of 72 degrees but now I’m confused. I suppose that means he did crank up the temperature control, but this place isn’t exactly the temperature he set it to. This all can’t be right plus I’m a little reluctant to call the heating, ventilation plus A/C supplier, even though I desperately needed a day off from work so I made up an excuse that I was sick. I got a hold of the heating, ventilation plus A/C supplier plus they said a heating tech would be available for a short appointment in a few hours. It made me glad that they could come to our place that suddenly. It would be terrible to have the same concern waiting for me another morning. A heating tech finally arrived a few hours later to check out the heating, ventilation plus A/C system. He looked and said, “Easy fix, up-to-date filters. I have a few in my truck.” I was relieved.

Heat pump repair