Giving up on fixing the air conditioner

My husband, Roger, has been working tirelessly for the past few months.

  • He is putting in long hours and he is definitely not enjoying the amount of time he’s at work.

His recent attitude tells me that he is stressed and exhausted. He has had little time with us but our little family still supports him no matter what. However, I suspect that part of his frustration comes from missing out on important family events. Our son just started playing football and he wants to be there but work is in the way. Our son looks up to his father because his dad is his role model. Today, Roger took the day off from work and we are going out on the boat with our friends Jessica, Mark and their kids. I am very excited to spend time with them. Before we go, I’ll be in charge of making sure that we have everything we need for our day out. Our son is very excited as well and has packed some things as well. In the meantime, as the weather gets warmer, Roger has decided to do his best attempt to fix our air conditioning unit. Sadly, last summer it broke down and we have been without it ever since. Although he has researched the issue to some extent, I still believe we may need to hire a cooling technician. Regardless, Roger is confident that he can fix it himself, this is one of the main things I find attractive about him. As I gather our things, I hear a few choice words of frustration from Roger. He then stomps his way up the stairs from the basement and says, “we are calling the HVAC company.”