Glad I enrolled in an HVAC service plan

Getting into an HVAC service plan was definitely the best move I had made in a long time. We usually have the same HVAC professional come out and this guy is amazing. It’s guaranteed that all the professionals from this HVAC company are certified, so that’s something we don’t have to worry about with whomever they send our way. But my children have grown fond of this HVAC professional. He always tells funny jokes and he shares energy saving tips as well as other HVAC fun facts. For example, did you know the air conditioner unit was installed back in 1914? We learned that the guy who invented the air conditioner is Willis Carrier who was tasked with a way to control the humidity problems in a major printing press. Well, that humidity control apparatus used cooling coils to lower the humidity levels and the cooling effect was realized to be desirable to other major companies. My kids have been telling me all kinds of facts like this because they are always talking to our HVAC professionals when he comes to work on our HVAC system maintenance. We have an advanced plan too, so he even changes the air filters. I realize changing the air filters is something easy to do, but why not give these guys a little extra business, they’re great! Anyway, if this same HVAC professional keeps coming out to our home, I’m sure that my children are going to want to become HVAC experts themselves! I certainly wouldn’t mind having at least one of them as an HVAC expert, that would be fantastic.

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