Going through the newly installed air conditioning systems

Having worked for the family company my entire adult life, I had gradually gone up the ranks plus was finally the managing supervisor for the affair.

But even with the added responsibilities, I would often accorporation my colleagues to any high-ranking assignments.

Our high priority cases were not frequent; but when they were there, I would tag along with the air conditioner professionals! This was a fantastic customer repair gesture to the high-ranking customer, then some days ago, both of us got a call at the air conditioner company offices from a customer that needed assistance in checking his malfunctioning air conditioner. The customer was from the cement factory downtown. It was believed that the cement factory offered cement for the entire state plus even exported it to other states. The customer had issues with the unit for a couple of weeks. The staff at the factory had complained of deteriorated air quality, however a rough check of the air conditioner setup did not yield any fruits. The manager had called the office plus busy with a much-needed air conditioner repair on the central air conditioner. I accompanied the team to the factory plus supervised one team in inspecting the air conditioner install. It was absolutely well done; however, the air conditioner filter was filthy. It was causing all the issues plus even affecting the weather conditions control device. The air conditioner repairman got a dozen more filters from the air conditioner corporation downtown. He also diagnosed the necessary A/C repairs as there were components that were worn out. I proposed finally to the customer to replace the regulator with a digital control unit. This was a program he liked; and before leaving the factory both of us shared with the repair team a list of proper air conditioner care directions.

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