Going to ask him to install our smart thermostat

I’m laying here at our living room counter unpacking the new smart thermostat I just bought.

I can’t wait to get this thing installed.

I just got exhausted of walking in the house after labor & feeling cold. I don’t like turning the thermostat on when I’m at labor because I try to save money wherever I can. I was a bit frustrated with myself because I should’ve called Mark or John, our local Heating & Air Conditioning specialist’s to come over & install our smart thermostat however I’m trying to cut costs wherever I can, then how strenuous can it be to install a smart thermostat? The thing is I’m not the smartest person although I figured I could figure out how to install this device. I got a little confused about the wiring of our thermostat so I just offered up. I felt defeated & looked out our window just to assume about what to do, however to our surprise, there was Mark working on Mrs, swanson’s house. I’m sure she had an Heating & Air Conditioning issue & he came over there. I wonder if he can come over & take a look at our issue after. So I threw on our boots & waited patiently for him to come back outside & I scurried over to greet him. “Hey, Mark, by any opportunity do you know anything about smart thermostats?” I can tell Mark was a bit exhausted however he said, “Give me a hour to finish up here & I’ll answer any questions you may have.” I told him that I’ll be at our house & just to walk over after he was ready.


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