Going to ask Mark to install my smart thermostat

I’m sitting here at my kitchen counter unpacking the new smart thermostat I just bought.

I can’t wait to get this thing installed.

I just got tired of walking in the house after work and feeling cold. I don’t like turning the thermostat on when I’m at work because I try to save money wherever I can. I was a bit frustrated with myself because I should’ve called Mark or John, our local HVAC technician’s to come over and install my smart thermostat but I’m trying to cut costs wherever I can. How hard can it be to install a smart thermostat? The thing is I’m not the smartest man but I figured I could figure out how to install this device. I got a little confused about the wiring of my thermostat so I just gave up. I felt defeated and looked out my window just to think about what to do. To my surprise, there was Mark working on Mrs. Swanson’s house. I’m sure she had an HVAC issue and he came over there. I wonder if he can come over and take a look at my issue after. So I threw on my boots and waited patiently for him to come back outside and I scurried over to greet him. “Hey, Mark, by any chance do you know anything about smart thermostats?” I can tell Mark was a bit tired but he said, “Give me a minute to finish up here and I’ll answer any questions you may have.” I told him that I’ll be at my house and just to walk over after he was ready.

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