Going to Brush my Teeth and Then Brush my Old Washable HEPA Filter

I think I will have to buy a new washable HEPA filter when I go to the local business later today.

Mine is pretty much shot and I need to replace it with a new one hopefully today.

I have to write for about one more hour and then I am all caught up with my heating and cooling system writing jobs and can go out and enjoy the day a bit. My bandmate just told me that he is going out of town today so it looks like we won’t be playing music later. Unless I get the nerve to play outside this local business by myself, which I guess is possible but a bit on the scary side. I play drums and like to have a guitar with me when I sing because it really fills in the gaps. I guess I could get the cooling rep to come join me as he also plays guitar, but Danny and I really have an amazing chemistry together when we play. I may just hit the beach in an hour or so and chill with my friends. The HVAC supplier where I work is closed today so it is going to be an easy day for me as I won’t have to do any ductwork cleaning jobs till next week when they are open again. I like days like this because I feel no pressure to have to perform in front of audiences, but then again after doing stand up comedy for so many years nothing really rattles my nerves when it comes to doing shows.

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