Great air quality all night was available

It was a near miracle when all last year we had great air quality all night! In the day the air quality was not so great, but at night it was the absolute best… Having nice air quality is a scarce thing around here.

  • And actually having it at night was simply possibly the best time because usually I am having to run a portable media air cleaner in my kitchen just to be able to sleep without waking up choking all over the locale, then this week my nice friend and I are back to the usual awful air quality almost all of the time.

But I was actually thankful for last year because I was able to sleep with the windows open in addition to getting some natural nice air quality from mother nature instead of the media air cleaner’s nice air quality that was made with the portable media air cleaner! It is always best to have nice natural air quality instead of the cleaned air quality that all kinds of portable media air cleaners in addition to whole property media air cleaners give. Having natural nice air quality is just better for the body than the clean air quality from any kind of media air cleaner. I am hoping that someday in the near future my nice friend and I may have another week of super great air quality. I do not care if it is day or night. As long as there is a long bout of nice air quality within the course of any day to where I can open up my windows in addition to taking it in would be fantastic in addition to quite cheerful for me!

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