Had best HVAC contractor for home build

After we finally finished the renovations in order to get our last home on the market, I thought the worst was over.

But that’s just how naive I was going into building our first custom home.

To finance that build, we had to sell our previous house. That took plenty of work as we replaced the residential HVAC, the roof and all of the kitchen appliances, shelves and countertops. The easiest part of that whole endeavor was replacing the HVAC equipment. That’s because the HVAC company made the whole process so easy. We were able to meet with them just a couple of times in order for them to get an idea of what we were trying to do. We wanted the latest in residential HVAC and plenty of HVAC technology to add value to the home. At the same time, we didn’t want to go too far and spend too much money out of our pocket. And the HVAC contractor nailed it. He also took care of all the details and we just sat back and focused on the other aspects of the renovations. But the real bonus of that interaction was that we met the HVAC contractor who would do the heating and cooling in our new home. Once we sold the house, we moved into an apartment while we started our new custom home. There’s just so much that goes into building a house that it was great to at least be able to completely trust the HVAC contractor. Once again, all we had to do was communicate our HVAC needs and he was able to make them a reality.

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