Hard water is a problem

My husband and I both grew up with city water.

Once we graduated college and got married, we rented several different apartments where the cleanliness of the water was never a problem.

When we purchased our first home, we weren’t worried about the property having a water well. We were assured that there was a plentiful supply of water. I noticed and was pleased that all of the plumbing fixtures were brand new. The sinks, toilets, faucets and even the shower surround and tub had been recently replaced. After moving in, we quickly realized that we had hard water. Our water is overrun with calcium, lime and rust, and it destroys everything it touches. The tub, sinks and toilets are horribly stained. The faucets are corroded and badly pitted. I need to use such harsh cleaning chemicals that I strip the finish off every plumbing fixture. I gave up on cleaning the aerators and just removed them entirely. They simply clogged with mineral deposits too quickly. We constantly have complaints with water pressure because the pipes, shower head and faucet are restricted due to hard water buildup. Hard water lessens the effectiveness of detergent and soap. It accelerates issues with soap scum that requires more scrubbing and clogs the drains. The hard water also shortens the lifespan of the water heater and washing machine. We need to replace our water heater about every two years. I’ve given up on having a dishwasher because the dishes and glasses come out more spotted and cloudy than before they were washed. Our bed linens, towels and any white clothing is always stained from the water. I’ve even noticed that my hair is frizzy because of the water. We’ve hired several plumbing contractors and invested into multiple water softeners that have been unable to handle the severity of the water hardness.


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