Having a fun time with a new ductless HVAC system

When my loving wife and I got married as well as obtained a house, both of us were so happy to begin our new life together… However, she was a photographer as well and regularly would labor in an office with a darkroom, but she decided she wanted a darkroom at home, so both of us hired some contractors to set up the room.

They also advised that both of us have a ductless mini split installed so both of us have a zone dedicated to that room with its own customized temperature control settings. This is because you want the chemicals mixed with the distilled water to be around 68 degrees as well as it’s easiest to achieve this by keeping the temperature control settings stable in the room; you don’t want those uneven temperatures fluctuating during film development. So my loving wife was able to get the room set up perfectly as well as she had shelving as well as a sink installed as well for all her film developing needs. We didn’t only just put any heating as well as air conditioning zone in her dark room though, both of us figured both of us might as well install ductless zones all throughout the house! The appealing thing is that everything runs off the same condenser because you can link up to 8 zones off a single condenser unit. We’ve been incredibly comfortable living in our house as well. I like the fact that our wife is able to do a lot of her own labor from the house these days; I get to spend more time with her as well as that’s a major plus for me! Of course, there are times when she will have to go into her workplace, but she’s actually considering starting her own photography business.



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