He came running out of the house in shorts.

I was taking my trash out to the sidewalk last week, when my neighbor came running out of the house in shorts.

It was eighteen degrees at 6 in the morning, and he had shorts on.

I thought he may have awakened and remembered he had to put the trash out. I know several people who wear shorts to bed because they have kids. I laughed and asked him if he forgot about the trash? He said he wished. His furnace hadn’t turned off all night, and it was suffocatingly hot in their house. I offered my help, but he said he was going to call the HVAC company as soon as they opened. I was sure he knew I was an HVAC technician, but I would not argue with him if he didn’t want my help. When I got to work, there was a work order waiting in my bin. The secretary wrote a note that said I probably could have handled the furnace problem before going to work. The work order was for my neighbor. When I knocked on his door, he looked a bit out of sorts and asked why I was there. I told him I wouldn’t be here now if he had allowed me to look at the furnace earlier. He shook his head and said the heat must have baked his brain. Ge didn’t think about me being an HVAC technician. He laughed then and told me he would have saved some money if he had accepted my offer earlier. He commented that now he needs to pay the HVAC company, and all I did was smile and nod.
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