He demonstrated how they gauge indoor air quality for us

The harsh winters that seemed to be getting colder every year had grown old to my partner and me. We thought it was the coolest thing ever growing up north. With our friends and family, we would eagerly anticipate a winter of skiing and tubing. The two young and active people had a good life and plenty to do. We had the best place ever to raise our three children—a cabin in the middle of nowhere. One has chosen to remain in the area and has a prosperous business. We chose to relocate to the south in order to be closer to our daughter, but sadly the magic was fading. We adore the warmth of the weather and our wonderful new home. Now that we have to endure hot summers, it’s not so bad because our home is equipped with a powerful heat pump. However, we had to request a visit from an HVAC specialist this past fall. The doctor said even though we appeared to have flu-like symptoms, we weren’t actually ill. It must be the quality of the air inside your house. The HVAC professional came over and demonstrated how to use an air quality monitor to test the quality of the air inside a building. He next examined the heat pump’s air filter, which required replacement. The ductwork and vents needed to be checked next, and it was discovered that they needed to be scrubbed immediately. The air quality in our house was being impacted by all the dust, dirt, and contaminants. To help us monitor the air quality, he gave us an indoor air monitor.


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