He provided a gently used furnace.

When my Heating and Air Conditioning specialist told me I would need a new furnace, I was sure I couldn’t afford one.

He started giving me suggestions on new furnaces, and when I saw the prices, I almost started to cry.

There was no way I was going to find the funding for the new furnace when it could cost me close to 5000 dollars. While he and I discussed the cost, he told me they have some used gas furnaces I may be interested in. I couldn’t see why anyone would buy a used furnace. He said that the furnace is very gently used, which meant they were brand new and delivered to the wrong house, or someone who didn’t appreciate it. He said they seldom sell a used furnace that is more than a1 or 2 years old. They refurbish the furnace and put it back to its original condition. The price of the refurbished/used furnace was almost half the price of getting a brand-new furnace. I asked how long it would take before the furnace could be delivered and installed, and he told me they can do it within the next 2 afternoons. I was ecstatic that I could have the furnace by the end of the weekend, but I still had the epic problem of coming up with payment. The Heating and Air Conditioning tech explained they could possibly supply me with a free replacement, and if I was still sad about the cost, he could talk to the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier and see if I was eligible for a monthly payment plan. After asking me how much I could spend our money each month, he called the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier. Three afternoons later, the furnace was being delivered and installed.


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