He said he bought a reupholstering service.

My sibling brought his newest boyfriend over to meet our hubby and I; Normally he brought brutish men to our house, so this guy surprised me, but he looked refined, and I could almost see him on the pages of GQ, but that wasn’t the case… She told me he owned a reupholstering service… When I asked about his business, he started talking about how he took old furniture and made it look new.

As long as its bones were broken, he could transform the plain jane furniture into a toil of art with some material, batting and some unbelievable pins and stitches.

I wasn’t sure anyone could do that, especially when I looked at the ratty furniture our kids had used for trampolines. He walked into our study room and told me that the sofa the people I was with and I had was well made. He told me it would take about a month, even though I would not know the sofa when he finished reupholstering the sofa. I thanked him for pointing out how terrible our furniture looked and started thinking I wished he had brought a brute to our apartment instead of this pompous fool. I told our sibling he may guess a lot about the reupholstering business, although he knew nothing about me or our furniture, and he never would. She apologized and tried to tell me he was just nervous, even though I didn’t assume it. He owned a reupholstering service, and I was sure he was trying to drum up business for himself. A month later, our sibling called and told me he was no longer dating Mr, but reupholstering Service. He started telling his how he should reupholster his study room sofa.


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