He said my money wasn’t any good.

I called the HVAC company to repair a repair they had already done to my furnace.

  • It was less than two weeks since the HVAC company had sent a technician to the house to take care of my furnace.

There was little airflow and the heat wasn’t reaching all the rooms. I knew there had to be a problem with the ductwork, but the HVAC technician told me I was wrong. After he left, I still had the same problem. I still didn’t have good airflow, and the heat still wasn’t reaching all the rooms. A week later, I called the HVAC company again. I told them I had the same problem I had been having a week earlier, and the HVAC technician told me I was wrong about it being an airflow problem. I was sure there was a blockage in the ductwork. The HVAC receptionist told me they could set me up with some ductwork cleaners and have them at the house in the next couple of days. I was sure this was going to be the answer to my problems. Although the ductwork was dirty, it didn’t solve the problem. A new HVAC technician showed up the following day. He checked the house and the ductwork, and asked if those rooms were additions, and I said yes. He said they were far enough away from the HVAC system, that the air couldn’t get to them. With the help of a few small blowers in the ductwork, he would get the heating and air conditioning into those rooms, and it wouldn’t cost much. He said I had already been given so many wrong answers, that other than for the fans, I owed nothing for his time.

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