He told me I needed new ductwork.

I don’t know how the HVAC technician knew I needed new ductwork, but that was his answer to why I had a lack of airflow in my house.

I asked him if it couldn’t be a problem with the air filters or the furnace, and he said he was 99% certain it was the ductwork.

He hadn’t even looked at the ductwork, which to me, looked like new. There was no visible rust on the ductwork, and I couldn’t see where there were any pinholes or cracks. He told me he was the professional, and he knew when it was the ductwork or the furnace. I expressed my appreciation of his professionalism, but I wanted to get a second opinion before I allowed him to order thousands of dollars of ductwork. He simply said fine, and told me he would come and put in the order for ductwork, when the next HVAC technician told me the same thing. I called the HVAC company and they said he was a good HVAC technician, but if I wanted a second opinion, they would send someone else to the house. That evening, i had an older gentleman standing at the door. He told me he was from the HVAC company and he was there to inspect the furnace. Half an hour later, my furnace was working, and he told me there was nothing wrong with the ductwork. He asked for the paperwork left by the other HVAC technician, but I hadn’t been given any. All I knew was his name. The HVAC technician told me he was the owner of the company and thanked me for my patience. He charged me nothing for the repair, because I had already helped him with a decision.


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