He tried to say that our bats ate his bees.

The two of us have a little over seventy acres and a small farm on it, and every year, every one of us were losing some of our vegetable to odd bugs that would bore right into the fruit… I was tired of seeing ants and other flying bugs destroy our yearly crop; The two of us put a couple of bat houses in the middle of the gardens to help protect our truck garden.

The bats were far enough from any homes, so they wouldn’t take up any space in homes.

The two of us only had our bat houses for a year when our neighbor came to visit! He often visited when it was time to plant fields, to see what every one of us would plant this year. Instead of discussing our crops, he came over to talk about his beehives. He had been harvesting honey for the last more than nine years. He told our fiance that our bats ate his bees. His honey bee population had been greeting diminished, and he was positive the bats were eating them. The two of us had study nothing that said bats would eat honey bees. They usually went for gnats and other small bugs that flew at night. I loved our summer, not needing to worry about all the bugs congregating where every one of us sat on the porch. He insisted it had to be our bats that were destroying his honey bee population and demanded every one of us get rid of the bats, but my fiance and I weren’t budging, and neither was he. He said he would call the police and have us arrested if every one of us didn’t get rid of the bats. His honey bee hives were part of his annual income and he could not afford to have them decimated.

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