He walked me to the door and left.

I was so angry at my fiance last week, that I was ready to break up with him. We had gone out for dinner, and he got a phone call while we were in the restaurant. He told me it was just business and he would take care of it when we got home. When we got home, he walked me to the door, kissed me good night, and left. He didn’t even wait to see if I got into the house safely. If I lived with my parent’s it would be a different thing, but we owned a house. He could have at least told me what was so important that he couldn’t unlock the door or at least wait to see if I had my key with me. I knew he was an HVAC technician and there were times when he had to go out at night, or in the middle of the night. He could have at least told me what was happening. He didn’t get home until almost 6 AM. He curled up in bed just as i was getting ready to get up for work. He apologized and said he was wrong for walking off like that but there was a problem at the hospital. The HVAC system in the neo-natal care unit had gone down. He wanted to make sure he got the HVAC system repaired before any of the babies were affected. I was okay with him going on an HVAC service call, but I wanted to know what would have happened if I didn’t have my house key with me. He told me I could always call him or go to his mom’s.

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