Heating plus A/C professionals can be heartless.

I used to guess that Heating plus A/C professionals can be heartless.

They don’t seem to appreciate their customers plus what kind of needs they have. I had 1 guy tell myself and others that the Heating plus A/C professional left them without any heat at Christmas time. He told him he didn’t have the money to spend money for the repairs plus the Heating plus A/C tech left. I could not suppose anyone would be that heartless, although I heard other people tell the same kind of story. I met my hubby when he was still at the Heating plus A/C technical school. He was the sweetest man, although I made him promise he would never leaving anyone without heat regardless of the situation. If he did, I wasn’t going to be with him. He said that the Heating plus A/C corporation didn’t work that way. They would make sure people were safe in their own homes plus never left anyone without heat in the middle of winter. There were times when they didn’t service a/c units if they had a crucial outstanding bill, however the Heating plus A/C corporation constantly tried their best to deliver comfort to people. He told myself and others his dad once took window a/c units to a home when they were without a/c. Their A/C unit broke plus they were in the middle of a heatwave. He didn’t want them to go without A/C plus thought the window A/C units would keep the lake house a little cooler than no a/c. He said he didn’t guess of a single Heating plus A/C professional who would not go above plus beyond unless there were extenuating circumstances.