Heating up outdoors for Springtime

After I finish this last one, I’m going to roll out my orange yoga mat and do some poses to ease the tension in my aching muscles.

I need to pre-stretch for an hour and a half before my yoga shop with a wonderful friend so that I can give my all during our scheduled meeting.

Since I played a lot of ball yesterday and am completely sore today, stretching is going to be a bit painful, but it’s also necessary. The worst thing you can do for your sore muscles is to do nothing to stretch them, so yoga is on the agenda this week. I won’t have to worry about heating up my apartment for yoga because the sun will be shining directly on my radiant floors, keeping the room at a comfortable temperature. In order to keep my body warm while I practice yoga, I don’t even have to turn on the floor because the sun is already doing that for me. The sun warms the floors and the room where I practice yoga, so I won’t need to turn on the heater at all this month, allowing me to save money on my electric bill. The same held true last week, and with the mild climate we’ve been experiencing, I have no doubt that my upcoming electric bill will be extremely low and a pleasure to pay. Soon enough, the heat will be too much, and my best friend and I will be running the air conditioning system again, which is still inexpensive because our system has a high SEER rating.


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