Helping a friend with air filters

She said the indoor air conditions was so clean that he could finally breathe.

Today I was helping my friend with air filters. She sent me some concerns with some indoor air conditions in his house and he wants me to help his figure out what air filter I think would be best for his home. She came to the right guy because I work in the heating and cooling industry and I think a lot about air filters. All of us went over to his beach house and I looked over his situation to see what filter would work best for her. She was originally going to go with a resting media air cleaner, but I can answer to go with people. She did not really need sitting here for every room, and I thought a HEPA filter should suffice. She took my advice and together we went to the heating and cooling business and picked up a couple of strange HEPA filters for her. Then when we went back to his stadium I helped install them on to his heating and AC unit. Not that many of mornings later he called me all enthusiastically, telling me that his apartment was savor brand new. She said the indoor air conditions was so clean that he could finally breathe. And his pollen irritations had almost disappeared. She had a wonderful sense of relief from not having to worry about these pollen irritations anymore and was happy to have such wonderful indoor air conditions. I was glad to be able to help his and told his that if there’s any other heating and AC tips or advice he needs, he can always call me and ask. I appreciate to help other people with their Heating and cooling needs.

a/c rep