Hennessey is just too expensive for me

While I used to drink Vodka all the time, I was at a party once where some of the guys were drinking Hennessey.

I never tried a cognac before, but I got in on the action and realized that was some of the alcohol I have ever tried. Next time I went to the liquor store, I asked if they had Hennessy, which they did. It was strange that I had been going to this liquor store for many years and never realized that, but it wasn’t something I was looking for either. I just appreciated the fact that the liquor store always had such comfortable temperature control settings and good air quality. I swear I could stay in that store for over an hour just talking to the people there while talking about different drinks and wild parties. Well, when I saw how expensive the Hennessey was, I was hesitant. I asked if it was some kind of prank, but they explained the top-shelf stuff is just more costly and that’s how it’s always been. I decided to get a 5th of Hennessy, but what a price. I went through that alcohol in no time and I still wanted some more! I ended up spending a lot of my money on this drink and it was starting to affect my life in a negative way. I had to pay some of my bills late. When I ended up being late on my rent payment too many times and was threatened to be evicted, I had to get my act together. I stopped drinking Hennessy and went to the cheaper stuff that I always used to drink. I went on a strict budget and even got on an HVAC system maintenance plan to save money. I’m actually thinking about just stopping drinking altogether and just focusing more on my health and family.



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