Hiring a marketing company was an excellent idea

Marketing companies are quite important in every industry.

This also includes the heating and cooling industry that continues to grow and evolve.

We have been in this industry for decades, and it’s been great. However, we must admit that the digital age has been quite challenging. Thankfully, there are many talented and qualified younger people out there who we employ to help out. Once upon a time, marketing would involve attending exhibitions, going door to door, doing cold calls, and having repeat and referral customers. While all these are still good strategies, the internet changed the game. Nowadays, if a HVAC business doesn’t have a website, it risks going down fast as others embrace having an online presence. This is something we had to learn fast since we had huge goals for the company. The first thing was to hire a marketing company that understood online marketing. We wanted to use all online marketing strategies to attract more customers. This included things like SEO and pay-per-click that help bring more traffic to a website. Web building is essential since this is where customers learn all about the HVAC services we offer. This marketing company had an expert who helped upscale our original website to embrace a more modern and user-friendly look. We also did our best to take digital marketing courses so we could understand the strategies that they were employing. And we have to admit this has been a life saver for our heating and cooling business. Hiring the digital marketing business has been a good investment for us and we shall continue working with them.

Digital marketing