Holding an Umbrella While in the Sea During my Cold Dips

Imagine seeing a guy in the sea holding an umbrella in the rain.

Yep, that was me a few weeks ago.

Most people were in their flats sitting in front of their furnace or fireplace trying to stay warm while I was out in the pouring rain sitting in very cold sea water. I had my umbrella because I wear gloves and a warm hat and don’t want them getting wet, hence the umbrella in the rain while in the sea. Makes perfect sense, right? I would love to be sitting in front of my warm space heater and not bearing the cold sea temps, but sometimes we have to subject the body to circumstances that are not so desirable to achieve some benefit from it. I get a big burst of energy from these cold sea dids each morning and it also helps my joints heal from their pains. I set my hot water heater thermostat to its highest setting so that when I come home from my dips I can take a nice hot bath without running out of hot water. I’ve been doing these dips for about six months now and notice a big difference in my energy level and my mood. I also like to heat up my flat with the central heater so that when I am done with my bath I still keep all of the body heat. I can be shivering for an hour after my cold dips if I don’t take a hot bath and heat up my flat. Maybe I’m just crazy.

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