Hopefully the temperature will start heating up in the next few days

I feel kind of sorry for him so I think we are gonna go.

My child wants me to take them to the zoo next week, but I think that it’s going to be too cold. Even though the weather seems to finally be heating up during the day, I still don’t think that it is going to be warm enough this week to go. I have a zoo membership and so we can go at any time of the year. My child has been waiting and waiting to go though because I don’t want to go when it’s freezing. The temperatures here have still been in the 33s, even though it is technically Spring. I don’t ever go by the calendar, though. Most of the time I go by the temperature that is on the thermometer outside. I know that it’s going to be some degrees colder at the zoo than it is here, because it’s quite close to the lake than I am at home. Anyway, my child begs me every day to take them to the zoo because he is just obsessed with the monkeys for some reason. The monkeys are really his number one and the child is convinced that he needs to go and visit them or they are going to forget who he is. I told him that monkeys never forget and so they will not have an issue if he waits several weeks to go down there and visit them. He just wants to go though. I feel kind of sorry for him so I think we are gonna go. I hope that it’s not too chilly though. They do have indoor exhibits with heating, so maybe we will just spend most of our time in those. I suppose we will just have to wait and see. Hopefully, the temperature will begin heating up in the next day or two.

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