Horrible dust sensitivities plus why the two of us had to pay for duct cleaning

After being a stay-at-beach house mom for multiple years, my neighbor plus I opened a daycare.

The people I was with and I installed the best HVAC machine that the HVAC contractor could offer to help with indoor comfort… Given that the two of us were to cater to adolescents between numerous months plus a single year, the two of us also installed an air purification program because the two of us didn’t want babies struggling with respiratory diseases while their moms were away toiling. The people I was with and I enlisted for beach house service with the HVAC serviceman from the local corporation to ensure the two of us kept up with the HVAC service schedule, significantly decreasing the air filter for improved air quality. All was well until the adolescents started showing symptoms of dust sensitivities; Unluckyly, a single baby already had adenoids, plus the mom withdrew him from daycare to avoid worsening the condition because he was struggling. That’s when the two of us decided to close the daycare for a while until the two of us solved the issue for the welfare of all the babies. The first thing the two of us did was call the HVAC professional to assess all our air quality systems to see if the issue was anywhere within. The people I was with and I also called the local contractor who’d been in charge of the renovations in our daycare center when the two of us renovated it to fit our needs, plus he agreed that it could be a potential issue with the air in the rooms or something in our garden, and everything was tested, with even a botanical florist coming to check on all the plants the two of us had blooming; they let our triggering pollen into our sunroom area. The assessments revealed that the two of us had accumulated dirt in the HVAC duct, which could be resolved with professional duct cleaning, then once the clean-up was complete, the two of us reopened the daycare, plus it’s been easy for all of us since.


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