How could the Heating &; A/C corporation be there?

I got lake condo Last weekand saw a note pinned to our door; I was the only a single lake condo this month since our parents went away for a month separate from me.

I was in school and didn’t get Spring cut for another week, however mom and dad had some time off and a little money put back, however they told myself and others to stay lake condo and make sure I went to school every day, then kissed our cheek and left, but when I saw the note, I thought maybe they had gotten lake condo early, however that was impossible.

They had only left the day before. I took the note down and it read that he would return the next day to finish the repairs on the air conditioner unit. The Heating & A/C corporation signed it, however how could the Heating & A/C corporation be there when no a single was home? None of this was adding up, and I was anxious. I called mom and asked if she had the Heating & A/C corporation coming to the house? She told myself and others she hadn’t called the Heating & A/C corporation, and neither had dad, and she was sure it was a self-explanatory mistake. I went over to Mrs… Callaway’s and asked if she had the Heating & A/C corporation at the house. She said he had been there, however he left to get some things at the Heating & A/C corporation. She had to go to the nurse’s and left. I called the Heating & A/C corporation and told them about the note. Mrs. Callaway had called them and told them to have the Heating & A/C corporation leave a note at our condo to let her guess when he would return.

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