How many times do I need to call the HVAC company before they answer.

I called the HVAC company at least ten times in less than an hour, but no one answered. I thought maybe I was calling too late, but I also thought the HVAC company should have an answering machine. I waited a couple of hours and started calling again. They still weren’t answering the phone, so I went online. I wanted to see if they had an alternative phone number, or if they had a place on the website where I could ask questions and make appointments. When my husband came home, he asked if I had called the HVAC company? I told him I tried, but no one was answering. I called the HVAC company at least fifteen times, and then I went online. He checked his phone and said they had an after-hours answering machine and called the number. Ten minutes later, he was talking to someone at the HVAC company and making an appointment to have the furnace checked. He asked why I was having such a difficult time when he got right through? I couldn’t understand it myself. I looked at the phone and asked him what number he called. The number he gave me was completely different from what I had been calling, and I couldn’t understand it. He looked at the number, and then he went down through his phone. I had been calling the HVAC company that closed down about three years earlier. I spent half my day calling the wrong number and felt foolish. I’m sure my husband will be teasing me about this for many weeks, or months, to come..

a/c serviceman