How many times do I need to tell you how to do the job?

When the HVAC technician arrived last week, he had a young man with him who he introduced as being an apprentice in the HVAC company.

He was supervising the young HVAC technician during his first couple weeks with them.

When they got down into the basement, I was curious about what kind of supervision the young HVAC tech needed. The older man was telling how to check certain components and told him to go ahead and finish the inspection. I was getting ready to walk away when I heard him ask how many times he needed to tell the kid how to do the job? The kid said he had only done it three times, and the next question was if he he had done during HVAC technical school. He admitted he had serviced several furnaces while in school, but none of them were real working furnaces. They were furnaces that were brought into the school for them to work on. I could tell the older HVAC technician was trying to be patient when he said they would walk through the process one more time, but he had other jobs to get to. The next thing I knew, I heard a tool hit the ground and the younger HVAC tech was coming up the steps. He said he had it with the job, and he wsn’t cut out to be an HVAC technician no matter what his father said. I heard the older HVAC tech yell up to him. He told his dad he wasn’t him, no matter how many times he tried to be. He wasn’t meant to be an HVAC technician.


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