How will we heat and cool our sunroom?

My wife and I decided that we wanted to build a sunroom.

Our back porch always felt like it was missing something.

We wanted a means of better appreciating our big and beautiful backyard. We decided the house could really do with a sunroom addition. We decided to make sure that the sunroom was at least somewhat insulated. Having all those windows makes that difficult, but we made sure the glass was considerably thick. We can always open those windows when we want fresh air and to be a little closer to the outside. However, I still want to enjoy my sunroom in the winter. We might also hang out there in the heat of the day in the summer. We would certainly need more than just pulling down the shades. That pretty much means that we need to come up with a certain means of heating and cooling the sunroom. We considered window air conditioner and heater combinations. Then we realized that we could simply use space heaters for the winter. Those wouldn’t be too difficult to set up at all, and they should be sufficient to keep us warm. Whatever we chose to do, we certainly didn’t want to have to expand the ductwork into the sunroom. So, we have the heat covered, what about the air conditioner? Well, we ultimately decided to go with ductless mini-split HVAC. A ductless heating and cooling system was pretty cheap to install and a pretty simple unit that could serve only the sunroom and suit our purposes rather well!


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