Hungry for My Morning Breakfast and Bike Ride

I’m running a bit behind schedule today because I didn’t sleep much last night, but it isn’t a big deal because I have just a two hour workday ahead of me in my home office on my laptop.

I’ll go for a bike ride in a little while and eat my breakfast while I look out on the sea.

It is Friday today and I have some HVAC industry writing to do and I may do a little exercise routine and that is about it. My friends will roll into town around 6pm to play volleyball and I may go out there and play or at least watch if I am too tired. I am being extra patient today with myself and with my air purifier as I am going to clean it later today. It will be easy to clean because there is just one HEPA filter I need to remove and clean along with the plastic grille which covers it. I will spend most of my day in quiet relaxing solitude, almost in a sleep-like state of deep meditation to recharge my mind and body with pure and clean energy. I will most likely stop by the local business near me to see if they have any new musical instruments I would like to try out. I play a couple different instruments now but they always seem to get a new cool toy that I like to mess around with. If I work more at the HVAC company I could buy myself a really cool drum set one day.

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