HVAC Jobs and That Kiss on my Cheek

Sounds like a strange title I know but let me explain.

I was eight years old and this girl came up to me, a very pretty girl named Adrianna, and she kissed me on my cheek as I was walking in from recess.

I was so scared that I never talked to her again and she ended up liking someone else and I ended up feeling very sad and regretful that I didn’t say something to her. This little experience shaped my life forever and it taught me to take chances and face fear. I got a job at the local business when I probably wouldn’t have tried because of fear of rejection, but getting that job changed my life for the best. It made me money so that I could do things like go skydiving and play golf, two things that I couldn’t have done because of the cost. I met my lovely wife working at the HVAC company there and we had two wonderful kids. Taking chances in life helps us grow and achieve things we otherwise wouldn’t have if we didn’t face our fears. I still have fears to conquer and hopefully have time left to do it. I am happy working on HVAC systems and helping customers program their smart thermostats but there are a lot more mountains I still would like to climb before I am too old to do so. I hope you are brave too and do those things that scare you so you can also see that the fear was just an illusion.