HVAC Systems Articles and the Search for Meaning

You know by now that I get a little philosophical sometimes but don’t worry, we will be talking about HVAC equipment and geothermal heat pumps in no time, haha.

  • I’ve lived a lot of life in 55 years and I have realized that having something you love to do in your life is key to being happy.

My stepdad was an HVAC repairman but regrets not staying in the music industry, as he was in so long ago, and now dwells on the past wishing he lived a different life. I think finding something you love to do creates a lot of joy in your life and gives you a sense of hope for the future. I work as a writer for HVAC businesses and companies but I make sure that I have some engaging and challenging hobbies to fill my life with meaning and color. My hobbies are singing and playing drums in a band and playing beach volleyball. I work about twenty hours a week writing for some heating and cooling corporations and I also do some strength training for a few clients. I think the only thing missing in my life is a good life partner as I have been single since the beginning of the year, but that will come with time. I just need a little patience. Sometimes I get called in to work at the local business teaching yoga and I meet a lot of people there so maybe one day I will bump into my next love. You never know what life is going to bring you, that’s the magic of it all.


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