I am glad I am able to go back to the gym

The pandemic has honestly changed the way the people I was with and I operate.

For instance, when our office had to close down, the people I was with and I found a way to work from our homes.

Similarly, several kids had to adjust to being homecollegeed. Some did well, however others struggled with the process. For me, toiling from apartment became a saving grace because it provided myself and others so much more room in my schedule to do other things. For example, I began cooking my meals at home, which was unbelievable because I was able to make healthy meals just the way I liked. Additionally, because I wasn’t driving to work, I had 2 extra hours in my afternoon, as well as I was able to use one of those extra hours to go back to the gym. I kept my gym membership through the pandemic but I wasn’t using it. In fact, I went to the gym only once throughout the quarantine as well as then the gym also shut down while the people I was with and I were in that time. Consequently, I had to figure out other ways to work out. I began going to the park to walk or jog 3 times per week. In addition, I found some work out classes online that I could do at home. My number one were the live yoga sessions that were provided by yoga instructors. They were self-explanatory to access, as well as they could be done in the comfort of my home. I also invested in this popular exercise bike, as well as I have been completely obsessed with it. Now that my gym is back open, I have been going about twice per week. And I must confess that it feels superb to return to the gym, it makes myself and others suppose a bit more normal again.

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